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Aaron Robson
web development, web design

Site Redesign

This is now version 3 of the Intrepid Noodle site. Looking back at the first design from 2003 brings waves of nostalgia along with the realization that I knew next to nothing about html at the time. Nothing says beginner like a body tag with ms_positioning="FlowLayout" other than perhaps ms_positioning="GridLayout" :)

Intrepid Noodle Version 2

Version 2 had a lot going on server side as it was also hiding a large identity management web site under its covers. Since that was a somewhat stillborn project, and with the rise of OpenId it seemed like a good time to strip out the complexity and revert to a good old company and blog site.

This version was built using our PoCoBits frameworks, which gave us a clear separation between the design and behaviour, including a sprinkling of Unobtrusive Javascript (simple validation on the comment post form). This is no mean feat in, as it's determined to get some inline script into your html.

Now we've got a decent base, we're looking forward to being able to evolve the site in incremental steps instead of feeling the need for an entire rebuild. Stay tuned!