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Aaron Robson
web development

Server Stats Packages - WhosOn ?

Today, while trying to get a piece of software to work, I accidentally got sidetracked into a much more important project - finding a decent web stats package!

Up until now I've been using AWStats on the server, but I was trying to secure things a bit more and wanted to reduce the attack surface - having examined my logs and seen a few interesting requests being targetted at the cgi-bin perl.

Anyway, on my travels I found WhosOn, and I just had to buy it. Its chugging away on my pc as we speak, making wonderful gurgling noises every time I get a visitor / dubious request etc. Its quite addictive viewing :)
Go on, go buy it, you can become a stat bore at parties too ;)

Don't let the fact that I bought it stop you from telling me why I should have bought product X, cos it's bigger / better / faster etc - but be aware, I know who you are, and I'm probably watching!!!


Simon -
Hello! Finally got around to having a nosy on the website. Particularly love the name of the knowledge base. You're wasted on IT old chap, y'should have been a designer :) Site looks great BTW!
Aaron -
I've told you to stop bothering me. 'Crank Caller, Crank Caller'... ;)