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Aaron Robson
iphone, apple, error 1604

iPhone 1.1.3 Upgrade error 1604

1. Steve Jobs announces 1.1.3 firmware for Iphone at MacWorld. +1
2. 2hrs later, its actually available in itunes in the uk. +1
3. Installation leaves me with (the dreaded) error 1604. -5
4. Waste 4 hrs trying to fix. -5
5. Finally find the answer in a discussion forum +5 
6. Breathe a sigh of relief that the backup in itunes works well. +1

And for those wondering what the fix is, it involves navigating to the update file directly (via windows explorer) and executing it.

Check out [ ] for full details.

Hopefully something in the update will make it all worthwhile! (still no bloody cut and paste :)
Must say, its taken the shine off my newly acquired liking for all things apple - I'd have expected it from Microsoft, but I was hoping for some of that seamless experience. Maybe I'd have to buy a Mac for that... and I'm not quite ready for that (yet).