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Aaron Robson

PoCoRail Visual Studio Project Template Released

Download the following zip file and place it into your Visual Studio Templates directory - which is by default at: My Documents\Visual Studio 2005\Templates\ProjectTemplates.

PoCoRail Project Template (.zip)

On restarting Visual Studio you should have a new Project type available under the new project dialogue.

Its a Web Application Project which can be used as the basis for new development. In a real project I'd recommend keeping the Model, Presentation and Repos (Repositories) as separate projects.

As a simple example it implements the Atom Publishing Protocol on an Articles collection.



Trevor de Koekkoek -
Hi, I like what I've seen so far. But I've downloaded both your project template and your MVP demo and each seems to use a different version of PocoRail. I would have thought the project template was your latest, since you just put it up on the web, but the MVP demo has some more advanced techniques such as passing in the presenter generic and also it uses a view component and I couldn't see any way to do components with the 9/8 version. So I would just like to know which is the most up to date version and which techniques I should be using for creating composite views. Thanks, trevor
Aaron -
Hi Trevor, I've replied via email, but yes the template is the latest version, and the generic Views are still available as PoCoRailViewUserControl<>. I am tending towards using the non-generic views in my own development, but either should get the job done and the generic version does have some merits depending upon the circumstances. I'll be updating the site with a newer version soon. Feel free to send me any questions you may have. Cheers.