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The Oodle is used as a Knowledge Base for various software development solutions. Topics range from general Development Practices (Agile, TDD etc) to Dotnet (c#, and may occasionally dare to stray into the subject of... Web Design (say it quietly or risk being thrown out of the Server Side Gang!).


iPhone 1.1.3 Upgrade error 1604
Oh the pain... but here's a fix
iphone - the dark side!
Switching from windows mobile. Will I ever go back?
Stream of thought ongoing thinking
Latest PoCoRail Project Template
VS2005 Project Template for PoCoRail
PoCoRail Google Group Created
A new group has been set up to deal with issues related to PoCoRail.
Visual Studio Item and Project Templates for PoCoRail
The latest drop of PoCoRail wrapped inside a Visual Studio Project Template, and some new ItemTemplates for Presenters and Views
PoCoRail Visual Studio Project Template Released
A quick download of a new PoCoRail project template showcasing some of the RESTful Multi format capabilities available.
10 things you didn't know about the Supervising Controller pattern
I lied, its only one thing... I may come up with some others later. Naughty little link baiter :)
Resharper 2.5.2 - at last!
Get it while its hot!
Recursive FindControl Simplified - Update
Updated (ie working) functionality for Recursive FindControl.
REST Podcast
A link to a presentation on REST.
Strategic Domain Driven Design Video
Eric Evans looks at strategic influences on system design.
ORM's are Bad m'kay!
An impassioned plea to the Java community!
Unobtrusive Flash Replacement
Building upon the FlashReplace.js library by Robert Nyman
StaticFileHandler vs DefaultHttpHandler
Potential problems caused by IIS mappings.
Recursive FindControl Simplified
C# code for recursive FindControl in
Good Model View Presenter Article
One of the best explanations behind the MVP architecture. Custom Error Pages Must set the HttpStatusCode
A reminder that its not enough to just set up your web.config with custom error pages.
Wouldn't development be better if...
Bullet points describing the train of thought which lead to the development of PoCoRail.
Designing .NET Class Libraries
Notes on presentation by Krzysztof Cwalina of Microsoft on .net framework design guidelines.
Software Licenses
A reminder of the various types of license available.
PageMethods has gone open source!
At last we get to view the source code :)
Videos worth watching
A reminder of some inspirational video content.
Is reinventing the wheel sometimes the right thing to do?
When developing a software framework we can often leverage 3rd party frameworks - but is it always the best option ?
Spam Spam Glorious Spam
Comment spam... dontcha just love it? Model View Presenter example using PoCoRail
A first look at PoCoRail, a new Model View Presenter framework for
Site Redesign
You're looking at our new website.
Server Stats Packages - WhosOn ?
The search for Server Stats nirvana continues.
Getting down and durty with Web Deployment Projects
Link to an article on Web Deployment projects and MsBuild.
Martin Fowler - The New Methodology
Some old material on agile methods.
Aspnet 2.0 and Shared Hosting
Details about APTC attribute.
Aspnet 2.0 with Partial Trust... is tricky
A few things to remember about Partial Trust hosting. (is) for Dummies...
Oh never mind how it works - just drag it on. That'll do it!


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